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Startup AiM Future Set to Commercialize LG’s AI IP

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London, England [2023.02.16] /[STL Partners]

AiM Future, a spinout from LG Electronics, is commercializing the Korean consumer giant’s AI acceleration IP for applications as diverse as consumer electronics, robotics and automotive. The IP is designed for multi-modal operation, running many different AI models at once. The current hardware generation also supports training at the edge, and future generations aim to extend efficient scaling above the current tens of TOPS range.

LG spun out its semiconductor and IP divisions in 2020, prior to exiting the mobile phone market in 2021. AiM’s founders were LG employees working on the company’s AI accelerator IP in its Silicon Valley lab at the time;
they were able to raise a seed round of $1.8 million and will be closing a $6.1 million-Series A shortly. LG is a lead investor, and will be a potential customer for AiM when it commercializes the IP it’s developed since
spinning out later this year, AiM Future CEO ChangSoo Kim told EE Times.

AiM’s AI accelerator IP, NeuroMosaic, has been under development since 2015, with earlier generations of NeuroMosaic already shipping in LG robot vacuum cleaners and washing machines. AiM has an exclusive license
the patents and IP already developed, and is working on future generations of the tech. AiM has sold three commercial licenses so far, all to Korean companies, including at least one automotive company, Kim said.

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