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AiM Future Joins the Edge AI and Vision Alliance

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SAN JOSE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--AiM Future, a leader in embedded machine learning intellectual property (IP) for edge computing devices, today announced it has joined the Edge AI and Vision Alliance.

AiM Future is accelerating the transition from centralized cloud-native AI to the distributed intelligent edge. Its market-proven NeuroMosAIc Processor (NMP) family of machine learning hardware accelerators and software, NeuroMosAIc Studio, enables the efficient execution of deep learning models common to computer vision applications. Shipping in smart home devices since 2019, the co-designed hardware and software offer a highly flexible and scalable solution meeting end-application performance, power, and cost requirements from always-on, battery-operated cameras to high-performance edge infrastructure.

“It is our company’s pleasure to join the Edge AI and Vision Alliance,” said ChangSoo Kim, founder, and CEO of AiM Future. “As a premier organization for technology innovators revolutionizing artificial intelligence across the edge computing spectrum, the partnership is a natural fit. It is clear AiM Future’s vision of bringing the impossible to reality is shared by the Alliance and its ecosystem. The field of edge AI is rapidly advancing and
partnerships are fundamental to addressing the many challenges and limitations of today’s edge devices.”

“Today, more and more devices and systems are gaining the ability to see and understand their environments," said Jeff Bier, founder of the Edge AI and Vision Alliance. "And thanks to visual perception, these machines are becoming more autonomous, safer, more capable and easier to use. With its processing architecture and accompanying toolset, AiM Future is implementing an intriguing approach to deep learning inference
acceleration. We welcome AiM Future as one of the Edge AI and Vision Alliance’s newest members and look forward to their participation at the Embedded Vision Summit.”

If the application of machine vision is of interest to you, please visit AiM Future where it will be demonstrating its products at Booth #522 during the Embedded Vision Summit, May 16-19, at the Santa Clara
Convention Center.

For more information or to schedule a meeting please contact AiM Future today [].

About AiM Future

Based in Seoul, South Korea, the company was founded in late 2020 with LG Electronics as a strategic investor. Subsequently, it attracted a seed round investment from a group of leading venture capital firms like We
Ventures, KB Investment, and D.Camp. The company is focused on the development of neural network hardware accelerator IP and compiler software. Its flagship NeuroMosAIc architecture achieved commercialization in
2019 and the company has executed several license agreements with partners around the world.

About the Edge AI and Vision Alliance

The Edge AI and Vision Alliance is a worldwide industry partnership bringing together technology providers and end-product companies to accelerate the adoption of edge AI and vision in products. More at

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