Executive Team

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Executive Team

Executive Team

Executive Team

Our great challenge, the next generation, is waking up.

AiM Future is bringing the future life into our present with A.I.

  • ChangSoo Kim CEO

    ChangSoo Kim has over 32 years extensive experiences ranging from high level hardware architecture, logic and circuit designs, full-chip integration, and various EDA tool-related works in semiconductor industry.

    Before he founded AiM Future as CEO, he had been working as technical lead and manager on various projects which includes mobile AP chip and AI HW accelerator IPs at LG Electronics’ Advanced AI Lab research center located in Santa Clara, CA.

    Prior to LG, he had experienced many aspects of IP business from Cadence Design Systems and Synopsys by working on various IPs such as DDR controller and PHY, microprocessors and others.

    He founded his first start-up company called Kairos Logic in Korea and served as CTO to develop proprietary multi-DSP based SoC chip to support H.264 for simultaneously encoding and decoding multiple channels of video streams targeting video surveillance markets.

    Before he join his first US company, Silicon Magic in Santa Clara, he spent almost 10 years at Samsung in Korea as a design engineer and manger proudly as part of DSP team.

    He holds bachelor’s degree in Electronic Communication Engineering from KwangWoon University.

  • Jaehwa Kwak Executive Vice President, CTO

    Jaehwa Kwak is a founding member of AiM Future, Inc., and currently our Chief Technology Officer. He has more than 15 years of experiences in both analog and digital system design.

    Before he joined AiM Future Inc., he worked about 5 years at LG Electronics with different titles for the AI hardware accelerator development. He designed more than 10 neuromorphic processor IPs as a hardware developer, set up the simulation and test environments as a verification engineer, and provided the roadmap of the neuromorphic processor as a system architect. He also proposed several digital circuits which improved the processor performance.

    Prior to LG Electronics, he worked at different semiconductor industries. At AMD, he was enrolled in designing the ultra low power system. He developed a digital synchronizer which was successfully able to operate at ultra low voltage below 0.4V, and evaluated the behavior of the digital circuit at low voltage. At Intel Corporation, he optimized the digital interpolating filter for the wireless system. His optimization skills reduced the number of multiplier, which enabled improving the filter performance successfully. At GCT semiconductor, his role was to design the digital controller for the wireless system. He was also a specialist in designing the ethernet L2 switch.

    He received a BS and a MS degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences from Seoul National University.

  • Jongtae Lee Executive Vice President

    Jongtae Lee is currently our Executive Vice President of the hardware engineering team. He has more than 25 years of experience in the semiconductor industry covering SoC, ASIC IP and FPGA design.

    Prior to Aim Future, he joined LG Electronics in 2019 as Principal ML/HW Engineer, developed AI HW IP, implemented FPGA and evaluated the performance on FPGA platform with the popular neural network applications. Prior to LG Electronics, he joined Alphean in 2010, led the development of 3G/4G wireless baseband modem HW IP, implemented FPGA platform for real-time connection with the base station. Prior to Alphean, he joined BOO-REE Multimedia in 2009 and designed BOO-REE’s own JPEG decoder and LCD controller for the video processing and implemented MCU chips. Prior to BOO-REE Multimedia, he joined EoNex Technologies in 2001, and led the development of 2G/3G baseband modem SoCs. Prior to EoNex, he joined Infineon Technologies in 1999, implemented Tricore CPU IP and was responsible for the timing closure of the IP. Prior to Infineon Technologies, he joined Samsung Electronics in 1992 and leaded the development of the ARM based Ethernet controller SoC.

    He received a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in Electronic Engineering from the Yonsei University.

  • Namsoon Jung Executive Vice President

    Namsoon serves as the leader of the software engineering team. He has more than two decades of experience in numerous AI/ML R&D projects, working for various aspects of practical solutions in machine learning and video analytics.

    He successfully managed several machine learning R&D teams in globally leading technology companies in order to produce commercially viable products and services. At LG Electronics, he helped in developing software for an AI hardware accelerator, while proposing an innovative solution for data auto-labeling. At AIBrain, he was engaged in applications of holistic AI technologies, where both deep learning and non-deep learning technologies were considered. At Samsung SDS, he managed several projects for video analytics solutions. He provided top-level technological leadership and was a committee member of the Samsung Software Academy programs for deep learning, digital image processing, and computer vision. He contributed to the business development and computer vision technology R&D innovations in VideoMining, where he served as President, VideoMining Lab and VP Innovation and Research.

    He holds a Ph.D. and a M.S. in Computer Science and Engineering from the Pennsylvania State University, a M.A. in Computer Science from the City University of New York, Queens College, and a B.A. from the Korea University.


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